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Here is where we show you the main in house Entertainment we have helped to create or people we work with closely.

Meet Tilly Screams

Shes a queen with a lot of talent! Shes got sharp comedy witt of steel and to top it off she can bust a move and she can host like no ones business!

Meet DJ Ash

His love of music shows with a weird taste of music videos hes comfortable playing the tunes you love and enjoys nothing more than seeing people happy and dancing on the floor! 

Meet Tina Coladas

The s is silent but this queen isnt! She is a nice queen that will chat to everyone and anyone! She loves all things shiny and 80s!

Team Tilly

We are here to help you create the perfect event with the right entertainment for you.

Upcoming Events

Ladies Comedy Night £20 pp

Aug 9, 2019

To Be Announced 

Oct 26, 2019

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